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And I'm Gilligan, muthafucka.

I've come to the conclusion that Portland is an island for me. Crazy things can be happening everywhere in the world (and from the looks of my inbox, actually are), and right now I'm just eating Froot Loops in Tigard, OR. We're going to meet Adam at his work in a couple hours and hopefully grab something to eat that's chief ingredient is not corn, cornsyrup, or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Maybe Adam will let us tour around town in his parents BMW with him.

Either way, its raining and I don't even care. I have nerdgoddess' hat to keep me warm. I really need to learn to knit hats that don't have that stupid nipple at the top. BUUUT, I did see that Carrie was wearing one during Part I of American Girl In Paris, when she goes to the payphone to call Miranda and be sad. Thank Fuck the hole in my life left by the departure of SATC will be filled in two short weeks by a new season of the Sopranos. I have to start getting Sunday night off.

I realized yesterday that I hadn't actually bought anything for myself in a really long time. Unless you count the twenty dollars I spent on clothes, but thats it for ages. I think today might include a stop at the Tigard Goodwill for some shirts.
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