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One of the girls at work got a "real job" last week. I'm trying not to be bitter that she thinks her chosen profession (legal secretary) is more valid than mine because she now has many more opportunities than me to meet a [rich] man and settle down [in a big house]. And, because of this, I'm picking up extra shifts. I need the overtime, which will be nice as my raise kicks in around the same time. Today is my last day off for at least the next 13, but probably the next 15 days.

I should be spending today cleaning my car, my room, my clothes, and my life. Instead I watched today's episodes of ER, last night's Sopranos, some Simpsons and some Curb. Then Shae and I went to Bellevue for cinnamon pretzels at Auntie Em's.

I have to at least do some laundry, which is where I am headed too right now.

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