January 3rd, 2004

g.w. bush puppet of big oil

My evening in review

Sent to McDonalds customer service not two minutes ago:

We arrived at the McDonalds at the corner of 14th Ave NW & Market Ave in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle at approximately 1210a on Jan 3, 2004. The restaurant appeared to be open, as all the lights were on, so we pulled into the parking lot to look for store hours. Holiday hours were posted visibly, though New Years Eve was two days ago, but there were no regular hours posted. the corner in the drive-through, the "order accuracy" screen was on and the menu signs were lit, but we waited for several minutes with no response from anybody inside. Eventually, we gave up on the idea of McDonald's, and as we were exiting the drive-through and parking lot, we saw several people inside the restaurant -- people with no apparent fast food agenda!

In summation, we ate Taco Bell instead.

Yes, I do lead a full and satisfying life. :)
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