January 16th, 2004

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Vacation: sammay and I will be vacating the state of Washington in favor of Lodi, CA and my mom's place until the 31st and Atlanta and Savannah, GA and his parent's houses until the 5th of February. I can't imagine a vacation with two such contrasting legs. We'll eat crepes and have breakfast burritos for dinner and get stoned in California. I want to go down to the bay for a day and a night to see old friends (dk, ezly_corrupted, perpetualfog, missloo12 !!). And I don't really know what we'll end up doing in Georgia but it won't be anything like my mother's house. Michael's grandparents will be involved, and both his parents and their respective significant others. I need to be careful to make sure that I don't really still have a warrant out for my arrest and that it won't be a problem to travel in the state.

Money: I asked my Dad to loan me $1000, repayable at a rate of $150/month. I thought it would be like squeezing blood from a stone, because my father is notoriously flaky and also psychotic, but five minutes later I had $500 pound sterling accepted into Michael's paypal account. I'm using about half of it to pay for this vacation, and I'm going to combine the other half with money I already have saved, and the money I will save until I get my tax return, and the tax return itself to purchase a new computer. The one I have now is a janky old piece of crap that I am lucky to have, because without it I wouldn't be connected at all, but which really doesn't suffice. Especially when everybody around me, like Becky and Blake are getting nice lovely looking machines. And even though they both got Powerbooks, which are incredibly sexy, they are also incredibly expensive and I don't think I want to be saving for that long.

Dr. Anspaugh: John Aylward came into the Aloha Tully's when I was pulling a shift there about a week and a half ago. It was so wonderful and fantastic and I barely could believe it. I know it doesn't hold a candle to nialavender meeting Howard Dean, and Al Gore, and Martin Sheen. But it was my own little brush with celebrity and it gave me quite a thrill.

The Divorce: No not the band -- the horrible traumatic personal event. I'm going through one, or I've gone through it since it happened before Thanksgiving which was actually a life time ago. And just because I'm not talking about it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it. I will say that it was much harder at first than it is now. And that my feelings are mostly ambivalent at this point, because things were over far before November. I keep her letter pinned on my wall, as a reminder of mistakes not to repeat.

Fast Food: We're going to get some right now so I need to go. Michael says so.
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