January 29th, 2004

new hair cut

In California

We've been in California for a couple days now. Uneventful flight, first stop Lodi, CA. We were at my mom's pad for less than an hour before there was Tony Hawk and pot smoking. She took us next door to her friends house for a smoke, and then we played video games with my little brother. He is much much better at THPS than I'll ever be, little fucker. *fume* Mom's other next door neighbor has an 8 week old miniature daschund with the same birthday as the daschund my family had. He's the cutest thing in the entire world.

We hopped a Greyhound bus to San Jose at 9am and walked from the bus stop on Post to dk's place on 7th. We have to head back to Sacramento tomorrow morning, pretty early. I was thinking we should do like, a night at a bar tonight. So everybody can show and there can be much imbibing now that we're all 21 (I mean now that I'm finally legal). So yea, 206.234.3148. I have Michelle, Shorty, Mark, Tim, and Elena's number in my cell -- but I don't have your number Loo!

Food now.