February 8th, 2004

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Everything sucks today. I didn't sleep well. The first thing I heard at work was that my coworker and his friend got drunk and stole a canoe in West Seattle and that his friend washed ashore dead on Alki and nobody can find said coworker. And the great follow up to that was that my boss' husband is going to have to go through chemotherapy again. I hate mornings that start with finding out about how bad things always happen to good people.

I'm sick still. I'm in a foul mood because of it. I've had a headache for two days that even my roommates T3 can't kill.

My rent is going up -- not a lot, but still. Suck.

My computer died and Michael hasn't had time to come over and take a gander at it, and knowing the rate of speed the two of us operate at, it'll be a while before either of us makes time to sit down and look at it.

Money is tight, as per usual.

I saw a gorgeous orange pair of leather mary janes, which sucks because I've been trying not to wear animal, but mmmmmmmf. Orange mary janes! With two buckles! *orgasm* I don't have enough shoes right now.

Jason being missing doesn't feel real. All morning at work I expected that he'd show up on his bike with another story of being hit by a car on his way to work and another grotesque set of pictures to show me from his EMT training text book. I had to look in the paper to confirm that all this was really happening. I knew yesterday that he'd gotten drunk and stolen a canoe the night before, and that he'd called his girlfriend and given her quite a scare. When nobody heard from them at all yesterday, we thought they'd been sleeping it off. We didn't know that the body had already washed up on the beach with the canoe's tow rope around his neck and that police were trying to identify him.


I don't think I've known anybody who's died before. I had an uncle who died, but I was young and I didn't go to the funeral.

An on a completely unrelated note, I hate the noises that Elyssa Steamer makes on THUG when she falls down.

Now: self medication.
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