February 11th, 2004

new hair cut

Interview questions courtesy of monalisaovrdryv

1. How has your current situation with "him and her" changed your relationship with "him"? Do you think it's still working?

I think we're kind of stronger because when she stopped being willing to take chances with me, he was still there. He didn't write me a note and then split town after six years of friendship. And, as for whether or not its working, yea I'd say so. But my opinion on that varies, because in the middle of the night sometimes I'm not really sure if we're not just fooling ourselves into thinking we can salvage a healthy long term relationship from the rubble of who we are now. I think that it does work because he's a strong and caring person.

2. (I ask everyone this) Top 5 CD's in your player NOW.

For shame! I have no CD player! I listen to Radio Bongbadia a lot (thats the streaming radio station from my boyfriends house). While we were in Savannah we did buy a Joydrop demo and a Clem Snide demo though. :P

3. What is your dream job? Do you think you are near obtaining it?

To own my own wildly successful and totally stress-free coffee shop. Obtaining that? HAH! Banks won't even give me a checking account, let alone a small business loan. :P

4. Have you lived in Seattle all your life? Name a place you dream of living and why.

Dude I've lived everywhere. When I was a kid I travelled a lot with my dad to places like Africa, Asia, and Europe. But, I was born in England, grew up in California, and stopped for about 10 months in Alaska before finding my way to Seattle. And honestly, this is the place I've dreamed of living. Its a young city with lots of amazing intracacies and secrets.

5. It's a typical saturday night. You and I are hanging out. What do we do?

The usual. Smoke pot, play video games, and knit. :)


Speaking of knitting, I would have been able to finish nerdgoddess's hat last night, had I remembered my trusty yarn needle. Instead, I decreased down to the final 16 over at Bongbadia while watching sammay and fadingbluestar play SSX. I'll finish it later today, I think.

And then after that, I'm going to start a scarf. I don't have any of the ones I knitted before (hahah, I've only knitted two), they were lost in the divorce. The scarf I want to knit is going to be green and grey variegated, but I'll have to varigate it myself and in the shape of a snake! Woo!