February 16th, 2004

new hair cut

Good to know the girls again

I went out to the Vous with my new coworker Marina last night and had so fucking much fun. So many of my friends are guys that I forget what its like to hang out with a woman. We talked all evening about guys and jobs and friends and our families and everything. Owen stopped by our table to flirt with Marina a bit, which was fabulous because I got to see more of his magic tricks! I asked him to show Marina the one where he disappears a lit cigarette into his bare hands, and then he followed up with a Jedi Mind Trick thing where he moved a fork across the table without touching it. And he finished with a great card trick involving some blank cards that got faces. Marina's face was classic -- her jaw dropped and her eyes were like quarters.

It was so nice to see all the familiar faces at the bar again. I haven't really been stopping by there all that often like I said I would. I wish somebody would put together a sCarrie reunion tour -- I even miss Josh's acerbic wit and slapstick improv. He's an incredible actor. As much resentment as I harboured towards him after opening night, I always loved to watch him on stage because he connects so well with the audience. He kept 50 show goers and everybody in the booth absolutely glued to him.


Valentine's was no extra excitement this year. Michael and I are both kind of broke after our vacation and I've been sick and he had to work til 615 or so that day. We decided to go to Mongolian and rent movies and head back to his place to hang with Kittie. On our way out the door to the restaurant, I got my period which made for a great romantic gift for my boyfriend (alskjdflakjsdfljaesd!!!!!). I spent all of dinner trying not to be sick, even though the food there is so fucking great. Then we picked up The Big Lebowski and Andromeda Strain and headed to his place, where I proceeded to fall asleep on the floor and die of uterus failure. We tried watching Andromeda Strain tonight, but I fell asleep again. Poor Kittie's had to see it twice now. Hah.


My house is empty right now. Nathan is moving out, so I've had the basement to myself since before we left for our parents. Sometimes I get scared downstairs alone at night, so I go upstairs and sleep on the couch for an hour or so before deciding my bed is more comfortable and worth the paranoid delusion that a scary rapist has taken up residence in that empty space on the other side of my bedroom wall or that maggots and worms are breeding in my mattress and will start poking through the sheets at any time. *shudder* Yeeeeessssh!

While we were in Savannah, Chris from upstairs went to Ireland for a while. He left a rent check for March, so nobody actually knows when he's coming home. And Blake rented a villa in Mexico with fifteen of his friends for a couple weeks, so the only people in the house are Whitney and I. Its almost a foreign feeling, being two girls in such a masculine house. The living room is a shrine to televised sports and there's a refridgerator just for kegs of Pabst. While they're gone we've coopted the big screens for romantic comedies and the Lifetime Channel (I feel you weedlover). I'm in charge of the geckos, which is Very Bad because there is one missing at the moment. I've had uninterrupted time with the Tivo everyday, which is totally weird. Normally you just watch what Blake is watching, which is generally televised sports, cartoons, or something from the Justice Channel and CourtTV.


There's a lot more random things I could say here. My legs are sore and my thighs are bruised from helping Michael move his new TV into the apartment. Work is such a different place than it was six weeks ago, new staff, soon a new manager (I'll be the assistant but thank Fuck they found somebody else because I was very worried I couldn't do it), different procedures, and I have a different attitude now that I'm second at the store so that Katie can be with her husband. I was in a car accident on Thursday and now my passenger side door doesn't shut properly.

But Michael's about to wake up and I think I'm going to go snooze the alarm with him.


Get used to this entry format, because I think its here to stay. Since my computer usage is sporadic at best, for a while you'll probably only see these generic updates.
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